As part of a mitigation requirement, Delaware Avenue Enterprises, Inc. is working with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to create approximately 3.7 acres of wetlands in the south end of Pleasant Hill Park.

Current Wetlands Plan: The current Wetlands Plan can be found by clicking here

The wetland system will have upland, intertidal and subtidal zones, and is expected to provide valuable habitat to migratory waterfowl and other animals.

The project site is composed of old fill material several feet deep on what was historically open water or tidal wetland. Prior to the project, the site held a variety of widely-spaced trees (both native and non-native) and herbaceous vegetation primarily comprised of invasive species such as Japanese knotweed. Surface debris and trash could be seen in several areas.

Construction Schedule: December 2015 - April 2016 during daylight hours.

The project began at the end of December and excavation and grading work is expected to be completed in April 2016, with all work occurring in daytime hours. Excavation work will require the removal of a large volume of old fill, which will be hauled from the site over a period of several weeks. As part of the project, trash and debris will be removed from the site, including from the existing vernal pool north of the hatchery building. The large silver maple trees that border the vernal pool are being retained.

Planting Schedule: April 2016 August 2016

After grading is completed, the various zones will be planted with Philadelphia-native trees (160), shrubs (6,800) and herbaceous plants (25,000). Invasive plants will be controlled during the required 5-year maintenance period after the wetland is constructed.

Access: Pleasant Hill Park will remain open during construction but access to the southern portion will be restricted.

The existing Fish Hatchery building will remain and not be impacted by the project. Pleasant Hill Park will remain open throughout construction, though access to the southern portion of the park will be restricted.

If you have additional questions about the project, please email